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Dr. Atasi Mohanty

Dr. Atasi Mohanty

Ph.D.(Utkal Universtiy, Bhubaneswar, India)

Assistant Professor, Center for Educational Technology,
IIT Kharagpur, India

Contact Addresses:
Residence: B-308, IIT Campus, Kharagpur 721302, India
Phone (office): +91 - 3222 - 282120
Phone (residence): +91 - 3222 - 260121 (IIT Phone)
Personal web page:

Research Areas:
Educational Psychology, Teacher Education, & Human Resource Development

Member of Professional Bodies:
Life Member- No.1232 : Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
Regular Member up to 2016 : National Academy of Psychology
Life Member : Indian Association of Health Research & Welfare
Life Member: All India Association for Educational Research
Regular Member: IEEE Society

Current Sponsored Projects:
Project Title : A Multi-modal and ICT based Intervention Programme for removing Specific Learning Difficulties among Children.
Principal Investigator :Atasi Mohanty
Sponsor : Indian Council of Social Science Research- MHRD India

RESEARCH PAPERS ( National & International)

1.          “Metalinguistic Awareness in Normal and Reading Disabled Children” in Indian Psychologist,Dec. 1989, Vol.6., No. 1 & 2, .11-20-A. Mohanty & UN. Dash.

2.          “Relationship of Reading Comprehension with Metalinguistic Skills in Children”in Indian Journal of Disability & Rehabilitation,1990,Vol.4,No.2,95-102-A Mohanty & S. K. Goel.

3.          “Relationship of Reading Comprehension with Metalinguistic Awareness” in Social Science International, July, 1992, Vol. 8. No.1 & 2, 5-13- U.N. Dash & A. Mohanty.

4.          Reading Characteristics of Sighted and Blind Children” in Disabilities and Impairments. 1993 (July-Dec.) ,Vol. 7 No. 2, 62-65-S. Pandey & A. Mohanty.

5.          “Verbal and Non-verbal Dimensions in Simultaneous and Successive Processing: Difference Between Normal and Reading Disabled Children”, in Social Science International 1994 (.Jan-July), Vol. 10. No.1 & 2, 61-68-A. Mohanty.

6.          “Role Stress in Employees of Administrative and Financial Organizations” in The Creative Psychologist 1995, Vol. 7,  No. 1 & 2-F. M. Sahoo,  A. Mohanty, A. Kar & M. Bhakat.

7.          “Language Proficiency of Tribal and Non-Tribal Children" in Madhva Pradesh Journal of Social Sciences,(ICSSR) January-June 1996, Vol. 1, No.1, 53-63-A. Mohanty.

8.          “Cultural Difference & Information Processing Strategies: Implications for Teaching Effectiveness” in Indian Educational Review,(NCERT) July, 1999, Vol. 35, No.2, 50-62-. A.Mohanty.

9.          “The Problems of Teaching Oriya as a Second Language in Telugu Medium Classes”,    -in the Indian Educational Review,(NCERT) Vo1.36, No.1, Jan. 2000- A. Mohanty.

10.      “The Professional Attitudes & Adjustment of Traditional & Progressive Student Teachers in the Journal of All India Association for Educational Research, Vol. 14, Nos 3&4, Sept. -Dec. 2002- A. Mohanty & M Mishra.

11.      “Influence of Home Environment on Girl Child’s Education: A Case Study”, in the Social Science International: interdisciplinary readings , 2003 ,Vol. 19, No.2, 45-58- A. Mohanty .
12.       “Causes of Dropout among the SC Students in Orissa: Implications for Educational Practices”, in the Journal of Education: Rabindra Bharti University, March 2004,  Vol. VII, No.1,- A. Mohanty . 
13.      “A Study of Anganwadies in Orissa & West Bengal”, in the Social Science International: interdisciplinary readings, 2004, Vol.20, No.2, 148-158- A. Mohanty.

14.      “The Mental Health Status of Tea-garden workers in North-east India: A case study”, in the Indian Journal of Health & Well-being, Sept.-Dec.,2010, Vol.1,No.1-2,61-64-A.Mohanty.

15.      “Disaster Mental Health: A field study” in the Indian Journal of Health & Well-being, June-2011, Vol.2,No.2, 436-440- A. Mohanty.

16.      “The Psychological Adjustment of Neglected Juveniles: A Case Study” in the Indian Journal of Health & Well-being, Dec., 2011, Vol.2, No.4,- Sanjeebanee S. Sasmal & A. Mohanty.

17.      “Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Relation and Personal Effectiveness: A Comparison between School and College Teachers In North-east India”, in the Journal of Management Development & Research, June-2012, Vol. II, No.1, 19-28- Atasi Mohanty , Meera Dahal.

18.   “Computer Game-based Learning and Pedagogical Contexts: Initial findings from a field study”, in IEEE Xplore ,Technology for Education- T4E, 2011, pg.109-115, Online- Shiffon Chatterjee, Atasi Mohanty, Bani Bhattacharya.

19.   “ A Model for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Software Engineering Virtual Labs”, in the IEEE Xplore, Technology Enhanced Education, 2012, pg.1-5, Online- Bibudhendu Pati, Sudip Misra, Atasi Mohanty.

20.“Reading, Achievement Behavior Patterns and Cultural Difference in Indian Classrooms”       in          Educationia Confab , Dec.,2012,Vol.1,No.3,2-16, Online- A. Mohanty.

21. "Impact of Teacher Competence and Teaching Effectiveness on Students' Achievement in Life Science Subject at the Upper Primary Stage" in the Journal of Indian Education, February 2014, Volume XXXIX, No. 4, Pg. 29-48, NCERT publication- Sarmila Banerjee, Namita Das, Atasi Mohanty.

22.  “Instructional Style, Cognitive Processing and Achievement Behaviour Patterns of School      Children: An Empirical Study” in Sage Open, January – March 2015, Pg. 1-11, Online-Atasi   Mohanty and Swati Preeti Das.


1.                “Should the Performance of Teacher be Evaluated by Students”, 2003 in the Experiments in Education”, November, 2003, Vol. XXXI, No..11, - A. Mohanty.

2.             “How can you develop your own Competencies as a Teacher” in the “Journal of Exercise and Sport Science and Physical Education”. Dec.2003,Vol.VI, No.1,- A. Mohanty.  

3.                “Relevance of Examination Reforms by UGC in the Present Context”, 2003- A. Mohanty, in the “University News”- A weekly Journal of Higher Education, Sept.29-Oct 05, 2003, Vol.41, No.39- A. Mohanty .

4.               “Privatization of Higher Education in the Indian Context” , in “Social Science International”, 2005, July, Vol. 21, No.2,  140-150- A. Mohanty,

5.                   “Importance of Decentralized Decision-making Process in Higher Education Institutions”, in “Experiments in Education”, Feb.2005,Vol. XXXIII, No.2,-A. Mohanty.

6.              “Research, Teaching & University Education – An Integrated Approach” in the “National Journal of Research in Education & Extension”, July,2006. Vol. 2, No.3, - A. Mohanty .

7.        “Learning Through Virtual Classroom”, in the “Journal of All India Association for Educational Research”, Sep.- Dec., 2007, Vol.19, Nos. 3&4- A. Mohanty & M. Samanta .

8.                   “Conflict Resolution through Peace Education” in the “University News” A weekly journal of Higher Education, March (03-09), 2008, Vol.46, No.9, - A. Mohanty.   

9.           A book chapter entitled “Aging: A Psychosocial Analysis” Pg. 29 – 65, published in the book “Behavioural Issues in Ageing: Care, Concern and Commitment”, 2009,  edited by Prof. Fakir Mohan Sahoo, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, Concept publishing company, New Delhi ,ISBN  81-8069-592-1-A.Mohanty.

10.        A chapter on “Cognition Affection and Conation: Implications for Pedagogical Issues in Higher Education in “Pedagogy of Higher Education: Research Review” (available online from February 2010) under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) project on “National Mission in Education through ICT”, by Govt. of India- A. Mohanty

11.       A book chapter entitled “Creativity and Emotional Intelligence ” ,2012 in “ Emotional Intelligence: Optimizing Human Performance at Work”, edited by Prof. Rabindra K. Pradhan  and N.S. Thingujam ,Lambert Academic Publication , Online, ISBN  978-3-8473-7530-2- A. Mohanty

12.    A book review on “Emotional Intelligence: Perspectives in Organizations, edited by R.K.Pradhan and Purnima Mathur, 2008, Academic Excellence Publications, New Delhi, in the Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology,Vol.37,No.1,January,2011- A. Mohanty

13.            “ Effective Group Therapy for HIV/AIDS” in the PsyInsight, Sept.,2010, Vol.1,No.2.-Atasi Mohanty & Nivedita Das.

14.”Stress Management & Coping Styles” in the PsyInsight, October,2010,Vol.1,No.3-A.Mohanty.

15.”Positive Parenting” in the PsyInsight, November, 2010, Vol.1,No.4. -A.Mohanty.

16. Book chapter on “Gratitude” in the edited book entitled “Positive Psychology: In the Light of Indian Traditions” published by Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare,2014, Publn. IAHRW, ISSN No.- 978-81-920953-2-5. –A. Mohanty.

17. “Vocational Counselling and Transition Skill Training for Adolescents with Special Needsin Creative Education, Feb. 2015, vol.6, pg. 255-261, Online - Atasi Mohanty.

18. "Learned Helplessness and Socialization: A Reflective Analysis" in Psychology, June 2015, Vol. 6, Pg. 885-895, Published online by Scientific Research Publishing- Atasi Mohanty, Rabindra K. Pradhan, Lalatendu K. Jena. hhtp://

1.       “Peer Collaboration, Facilitator Intervention, and Learning Styles in Computer Game-based Learning: Initial Findings from an Empirical Study” in the Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Games Based Learning, 20-21 October,2011,University of Athens, Greece- Shiffon Chatterjee, Atasi Mohanty, and Bani Bhattacharya.

2.       Managing Diversity in Education Sector” in the Knowledge Globalization Conference
January 5-7, 2012, FLAME, University of Pune, India- A. Mohanty.
3.       Spirituality and Subjective Well-being” in the 4th International Conference on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership , organized by ISOL Foundation, January 10-12, 2013, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India- A.      Mohanty.

4.       How Quality of Work and Life has been Perceived by Indian Employees?” in the International Conference on Gender & Attractive Work: Sweden-India Meet on Strategic Thinking, organized by Sweden India Gender Network/ SIGN at TISS Mumbai India during 28-30 November, 2013- A. Mohanty.

Research Topics of Ph.D Students

1.  Impact of Teacher Competence and Teaching Effectiveness on Students’ Achievements  as Measured Through Different Evaluation Strategies – Ms. Sarmila Banerjee (Awarded)
2. The Effect of Early Intervention Programme on the Reading Performance of Children with Learning Difficulty – Ms. Arundhati Sarkar (Awarded)
3. Impact of Human Resource Development Practices on the Performances of Teachers in Educational Institutions – Ms. Meera Dahal (Awarded)
4.  Efficacy of Computer Game – Based Learning : An Empirical Investigation – Ms. Shiffon Chatterjee (Awarded)
5.  Learning Outcomes Using Virtual Software Engineering Laboratory – Mr. Bibudhendu Pati (Awarded)
6.   A Multimodal Intervention Programme for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties -  Ms. Sanjeebani S. Samal (Ongoing)
7.    Efficacy of Flipped Classroom Instructions in Enhancing the Learning Performances of School Children – Ms. Dipti Parida (Ongoing)

Short term Courses Organized

1.       Educational Leadership – September, 2009 (AICTE Sponsored)
2.       Educational Leadership – September, 2011 (AICTE Sponsored)
3.       Educational Leadership – September, 2013 (NUEPA Sponsored)
4.       Educational Leadership – October, 2014 (Self Financed)
5.    National Seminar on Educational Leadership- June (1-3), 2015 (ICSSR Sponsored)
6.    QIP-STC on Educational Research: Tools and Techniques- June (16-30), 2015 (AICTE               Sponsored)

Lectures Delivered on
1.       Creativity and Innovation
2.       Models of Teaching and Teaching Styles
3.       Effective Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner
4.       Domains of Learning and Learning Styles
5.       Academic Leadership
        Managing Diversities in Education 
7.    Educational Research: Objectives, Questions, Hypothesis & Types of Research.

Reviewed Papers/Courses
1.       IEEE papers on Educational Technology – No. 03
        NPTEL Video Course on International Business Communication - 01 (40 Video Lectures)
3.       NPTEL Web Course on International Business Communication – 01 (41 Chapters)
4.    SAGE OPEN paper on Educational Technology- No. 1.

Work Experience 
1.      Teaching and Research at Visva – Bharati University : 10 Years (1997 – 2007)
2.      Teaching and Research at IIT Kharagpur : 08 Years (2007 – Till Date)

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